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101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog


One of our bookers announced that they had found a dog that could read! Having been involved in pet tricks for many years, both as David Letter man’s silly pet trick coordinator and as a producer of Animal Planet’s Pet Star, I’ve heard stories of smart animals, but I knew this dog was special. Sure enough, Kayla and Chalsey immediately won the show and then came back to win the champion ship!

Two things stand out in my memory about Kayla and Charcie: first, their big smiles, and second, the way they did everything together. The camera sometimes makes us forget that we are only half of the team and focus only on ourselves. But from the first rehearsal to the last champion ship round, Kayla and Charcie did everything together. I was not surprised when Kayla called me and said, “Chalsey and I are writing a book.”

About the Book

101 Dog Tricks “is about doing things as a team. Kayla and Chalsey use only positive training and motivational techniques to reinforce trick training as fun play, not as chores. All of the tricks are designed to develop specific aspects of your dog’s abilities, from mental to physical, while also fostering trust and friendship between owner and dog.

Kayla and Charcie know all the tricks in the book. In other words, they have practiced and performed all 101 routines. Kayla and Chalsey are equally adept at both mental and physical tricks, so everything from how to get a dog to count to how to teach a dog to play basket ball is presented.

The explanations are illustrated and easy to follow, but no detail is left out. Like Kayla and Chalsey, you will not only entertain yourself and your friends, but also large audiences and national television viewers.

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