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101 Facts: Polar Animals! by IP Factly – for free

Polar Animals

Most animals cannot survive in the world’s polar regions. However, polar animals have found ways to adapt and evolve to the harsh climate. Some have adapted so well that they cannot survive elsewhere in the world. Polar animals are experts at survival and have many times found fascinating ways to overcome the challenges of nature.

Most polar animals are also large, larger than their relatives in warmer regions. This is because bigger is warmer, and the larger the animal, the smaller the relative surface area and the less heat loss.

Most polar animals have thick fur or feathers, sometimes in three layers, to maintain body heat. Some shed their thick coats in the summer and re-grow them in the winter.

About the Book

The book contains fact after fact for information-hungry children to tell their family and friends.

The videos are broken down by animal species to further encourage independent reading and learning. It makes learning fun and gives children a real reason to want to read the book on their own. Children love to discover, share, and enjoy animal facts. Video links mean that children will read again and again, naturally developing their reading and learning skills (early kindle models do not support video, but a link to a secure website is given).

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