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A manual of Underground Surveying- pdf for free


Surveying is the art of performing a survey to determine the relative location of two or more points. It is the art of performing a survey to determine the relative position of two or more points. Mine surveying is the technique of surveying underground openings. That is, it is the finding of the relative position of a point below the surface or of an underground point relative to appoint above the surface.

The measure dangles and distances are usually drawn to scale on various planes, thus producing amine map. There are few tasks in mine surveying that differ from planimetric surveying. Applying the same principles under different conditions and ensuring greater accuracy guarantees success underground.

T. A. Donahue, in his “Coal Mine Surveying,” states. “Surveying is the art of measuring and observing an object so that a true proportional representation may be drawn on a plane. Since all the principles on which surveying depends are embodied in the science of geometry, we may say that surveying is a practical application of geometry. “In Theory and Practice of Surveying, p. 431, Johnson states, “Surveying is an art, not an exact science. This should always be borne in mind, and in all cases a method should be adopted that minimizes deviations from scientifically correct results.

About the Book

This book is frankly a compilation of information from a variety of sources. Articles that appeared in various magazines and publications of technical societies were freely used, as were the catalogs and literature of various instrument manufacturers.

Descriptions of survey and working methods by the engineers who prepared them were reprinted verbatim as they appeared in the publications to which credit is given. They represent best surveying practices and serve their purpose as objective lessons to students better in their original form than in a general review or synopsis.

Although much of the material listed has been previously printed, much of it is new and was written for this special purpose by engineers who are busy working daily in the actual mine workings. The engineers of many of the large mines in this country have kindly provided the authors with detailed descriptions of the methods used in their respective mines. We sincerely thank these technicians. Without their assistance, this book could not have been written.

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