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A Textbook Of Strength Of Materials (Mechanics of Solids)- for free


Mechanics of materials, along with statics, is a fundamental subject in engineering and must be understood by anyone interested in the strength and physical performance of structures, whether man-made or natural. At the university level, mechanics of materials is typically studied in the sophomore and junior years. It is a required course for most students majoring in mechanical, structural, civil, biomedical, petroleum, aeronautical, and aerospace engineering.

When an external force acts on an object, the object tends to undergo some deformation. The cohesive forces between molecules cause the body to resisted formation. This resistance of the material of an object to deformation is known as material strength. Within a certain limit (i.e., the elastic stage), the resistance offered by the material is proportional to the deformation in traduced into the material by an external force. Also, within this limit, the resistance is equal to the external force (or applied load). However, beyond the elastic phase, the resistance offered by the material is less than the applied load.

About the Book

Due to the popularity of the 5th edition of the Textbook of Mechanics of Materials among students and teachers of various universities in India and its reprint, the 6th edition of this book will soon be published. The sixth edition has been completely revised and brought up to date. A large number of questions have been selected from various B.E. degree examinations of Indian universities and examining bodies like Institution of Engineers, U.P.S.C. (Engineering Services), GATE, etc., and are solved in S.I. units where appropriate in this book.

Four advanced topics in material strength have been added, including stresses due to rotation of thin and thick cylinders, bending of bent bars, theory of material failure, and asymmetric bending and shear centers. These chapters are written in simple, easy-to-understand language so that the average student can easily understand them on his or her own.

The chapter “Columns and Struts ” includes advanced topics such as columns subjected to eccentric loads, columns with initial curvature, and beam columns. In the “Principal Stresses and Strain ” chapter, strain on the oblique plane and Mohr’s strain circle have been added. Sigma and tau are used for stresses, and modern notation is used. Objective choice questions are frequently asked in various competitive examinations. For this reason, a number of objective-type questions with answers have been added at the end of the book.

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