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Surveying with traditional systems has been completely replaced by highly automated systems. Total stations, global positioning systems (GPS), remote sensing, and geographic information systems (GIS) have all become inseparable from surveying.

Before to the development and planning process of a civil or mining project, a field survey of the area is first conducted and various types of survey maps are prepared. These maps and drawings are used to make various decisions regarding planning, design, estimation, implementation, and the construction process.

Therefore, engineers must know the various methods and instruments required for surveying. They must also have the skills and information to handle and operate the necessary surveying equipment. It is also important to be familiar with the use of advanced surveying equipment such as total stations, GPS, and related software in order to enhance the knowledge and competence required for surveying in the field. Therefore, this course is one of the core courses required for civil, mining, environmental, and transportation engineers. Students are encouraged to acquire the skills required for surveying related work.

About the Book

This manual is related to the syllabus of the University of Pune and describes various practical exercises related to advanced equipment such as total stations, one-second micro-optic theodolites, and mirror stereo scopes. This manual describes various concepts related to the use and operation of total stations, remote elevation, remote range, and coordinates taking. Various hands-on procedures related to topographic surveying are described in simplified form in this document.

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