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Advanced Construction Technology Fourth Edition

Construction Technology

Advanced construction technology is the development of relatively basic construction, which is detailed in the relevant volume, construction technology. In addition to focusing primarily on complex and professional structures, this volume is also relevant in further topics related to domestic  buildings and light weight frame structures.

It is designed to complement student lecture notes, projects and research topics as well as provide valuable professional references. It is also suitable for most undergraduate and high-level construction research programs as it complements the related subjects of science, mathematics, material technology, design procedures, structural analysis, structural design, services, quantity surveying, facility management and management studies.

The adopted format follows that of construction technology, providing concise notes and generous illustrations to detail the content of the text. The reader should understand that the illustrations are used to emphasize the points of theory and should not be accepted as the only solution. The study of working drawings and details from the assessment of buildings given in various construction journals adds to the background knowledge and understanding of construction techniques.


The book began as part of a 4・volume series written by Roy Chadley in the 1970s. As a result of its popularity was followed by numerous reprints and new editions. In 1998 the series was rewritten as two separate volumes by Roger Grino., Construction technology and rest, advanced construction technology.

The book’s endurance is a tribute to Roy’s first work in representing a comprehensive illustrative teaching and supporting text construction practice. I am particularly grateful to the founder author for allowing me the opportunity to continue this work and emulate his unique presentation. I am also grateful to the late Colin Bassett as general editor. It was his initiative and enthusiasm that encouraged me to pursue this job.

The book cannot be successful without a good publisher, and Pearson Education has played its part in their collaborative editing and production team. In particular, Pauline Gillett has always been a source of direction and help throughout the preparation of manuscripts.

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