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Advanced DC/DC converters 2nd Edition- pdf for free

DC/DC conversion techniques have undergone rapid development in recent decades. With the pioneering work of authors Fang Lin Luo and Hong Ye, DC/DC converters have now been sorted into their six generations, and by a rough count, over 800 different topologies currently exist, with more being developed each year. Advanced DC/DC Converters, Second Edition offers a concise, practical presentation of DC/DC converters, summarizes the spectrum of conversion technologies, and presents new ideas and more than 200 new topologies.

Beginning with background material on DC/DC conversion, the book later discusses both voltage lift and super-lift converters. It then proceeds through each generation, including the groundbreaking sixth generation―converters developed by the authors that can be cascaded for high voltage transfer gain. This new edition updates every chapter and offers three new chapters.

The introduction of the super-lift technique is an outstanding achievement in DC/DC conversion technology, and the ultra-lift technique and hybrid split-capacitor/inductor applied in Super-Lift Luo-Converters are introduced in Chapters 7 and 8.

In Chapter 9, the authors have theoretically defined a new concept, Energy Factor (EF), researched the relations between EF and the mathematical modeling for power DC/DC converters, and demonstrated the modeling method for two converters. More than 320 figures, 60 tables, and 500 formulae allow the reader to more easily grasp the overall structure of advanced DC/DC converters, provide fast access to precise data, and help them to quickly determine the values of their own circuit components.

About the Book

The first edition of this book was published in 2004. Since then, we have received a great deal of positive feedback from readers around the world. In this second edition, we would like to update the content by incorporating new technologies developed over the past 12 years, and make improvements based on readers’ suggestions.

We have in corporate new technologies developed over the past 12 years, made improvements based on readers’ suggestions, and corrected typographical errors. Super-lift technology is an outstanding achievement in DC/DC conversion technology. New developments include the application of super-lift technology and hybrid split capacitor/split inductor Ultra-lift technology and hybrid split capacitor/split inductors applied to super-lift luo converters are presented in Chapters 7 and 8ofthis edition. They are superior to the super lift technology in achieving higher voltage transfer gains. Several industrial applications demonstrate their versatile and powerful characteristics.

Mathematical modeling of power DC/DC converters is a historical problem associated with DC/DC conversion technology since the 1940s. Traditional mathematical modeling could not be used for converters with complex structures because of the very high order of the differential equations. We theoretically define a new concept, the energy factor (EF), show the relationship between the EF and mathematical modeling of power DC/DC converters, and apply the modeling method to two converters in Chapter 9. This study is very useful for system design and prediction of DC/DC converter characteristics.

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