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Advanced Home Wiring, DC Circuits- for free

Home Wiring

Home Wiring  is a skill worth stretching beyond the basics, such as changing a switch or rewiring a lamp. There is no such thing as an easy wiring project. However, improving skill sets to include more challenging and complex projects is the surest way to recoup the initial investment. It is the surest way to maximize the return on your initial investment in electrical service fundamentals.

This third edition of Black & Decker Advanced Home Wiring is intended for home owners who have some experience with wiring and want to further improve their capabilities.

It covers the following topics: installing wiring fixtures such as ceiling lights and baseboard heaters; installing and upgrading wiring circuits; and troubleshooting and repairing.

There are advanced level projects in all three categories, but in most cases the more challenging projects tend to be in the Circuits and Repairs group. Almost all of the advanced wiring projects in this book involve new circuits, panel upgrades, or troubleshooting with diagnostic equipment.

High-level projects not found in other DIY wiring books include creating a DC solar electric circuit, upgrading the grounding and bonding of anew 200+amphousehold circuit, and installing an automatic transmission.

Installing an automatic transfer switch for backup power, using a multimeter to accurately identify open and neutral on a house hold circuit, and more.


Current with Codes through 2014 A carefully selected group of home wiring projects that goes beyond the basics of adding a receptacle or rewiring a lamp. With the information in this book you can take your skill in working with electrical systems to a new level. Projects include: adding a stand-alone, direct-current circuit powered by the sun; installing an automatic standby power system; replacing a main service panel; grounding and bonding your electrical system; installing a radiant flooring system; and working with 240-volt and three-phase power.

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