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Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials

Civil Engineering

Following major advances in civil engineering and building materials, the 2014 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Building Materials (CEBM 2014) will be held for presentation and discussion of cutting-edge developments in structural engineering, road and bridge engineering, geotechnical engineering, architecture and urban planning, traffic engineering, hydraulic engineering, engineering management, computational mechanics, construction technology, building materials, environmental engineering, computer simulation and CAD/CAE. It was intended to provide a forum. Emphasis was given to basic methodology, scientific development and engineering applications.

The conference is co-hosted by the Asian Society of Civil Engineers, the International Association for Science and Technology, and the International Center for Science and Technology Research. The objective of CEBM 2014 is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, government, and academia and to exchange their research ideas and achievements in the field of conferences. The conference participants will also have the opportunity to hear from Professor LiXiaoyan, a prominent key note speaker at the University of Hong Kong.

We would like to thank all participants and authors for their contributions. I would also like to thank the production directors Jan jaap Blom, Léon Bijnsdorp and Lukas Goosen for their enthusiastic support for this conference. In particular, we appreciate the full heart support of all the reviewers and staff of the conference. We hope that CEBM 2014 will be a success and fun for all participants, and we look forward to meeting you at CEBM 2015 next year.

About the Book

This book (Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials) should be seen as part of a broader investigation aimed at analyzing and studying the restoration work done in random earth architecture in Spain from 1980 to the present, taking into account both the proposed intervention criteria and the construction techniques used in the intervention.

The structure of the Ministers responsible for the intervention in the Spanish heritage will select numerous case studies for this study on the restoration of the Ram undo Earth architecture in Spain.

It should be noted that the intervening buildings are monuments, and the earthen buildings are excluded from the analysis, since the study focuses on the analysis of public-funded interventions from the state in particular.

The analysis of the work presented here basically focuses on the intervention of the proposed construction technology for the action.

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