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Air Conditioning And Refrigeration- pdf for free

Air Conditioning

Historically air conditioning has implied cooling or otherwise improving the indoor environment during the warm months of the year. In modern times the term has taken on a more literal meaning and can be applied to year –round environment situations. That is air conditioning refers to the control of temperature, moisture content, cleanliness, air quality and air circulation as required by occupants, a process, or a product in the space. This definition was first proposed by “Willis Carrier” an early pioneer in air conditioning.

Bert Wallace, an instructor in the air-conditioning and refrigeration program at Tyler Junior College, and Andy Bugg, an AC applications engineer for one of the largest air conditioning manufacturers, provided in valuable assistance with this publication. They both reside in Tyler, Texas.

About the Book

An introduction to the basic principles and practices of the air conditioning and refrigeration industry is more than just a review off acts and figures. It requires a complete over view of the industry. This text presents the basics of all types of refrigeration. It describes the equipment that makes it possible to live comfortably in air-conditioned spaces and enjoy a wide variety of foods.

Emphasizes the latest equipment maintenance methods. The latest tools are presented. The applications of new types of units are highlighted. The field of air conditioning technology is growing today and will continue to grow far into the future. New technicians need to be aware of the fact that change is inevitable. Change is inevitable. As long as we stay in this field, we must keep up with the latest developments.

This textbook was developed to assist high schools, technical schools, trade schools, and community college education programs. It is also useful for adult evening classes and apprenticeship programs. This book provides a basic knowledge and sound foundation for all those entering the air conditioning and refrigeration field.

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