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Air Conditioning Principles and Systems, 4th Edition- for free

Air Conditioning

The fourth edition of Air Conditioning Principles and Systems has been substantially revised. Significant additions have been made to reflect recent trends and concerns in the industry and to address new environmental requirements for indoor air quality, air pollution from combustion, and refrigerants. Based on the overall philosophy of the book, the practical approach to these important issues will enable readers to effectively address them in the workplace.

The use of the Internet in HVAC operations is a major component of this fourth edition. Websites for many equipment manufacturers are included. Questions will address the use of these websites for equipment performance, selection, and specifications. In addition, answers to technical questions can be obtained.

Websites for HVAC design software providers are also listed. These provide heating and cooling load calculations, duct and pipe sizing, cyclic measurements, energy analysis, and more. Issues are also signed up in these areas. Of course, the use of design software often comes with fees and restrictions. The websites and software listed in this text are only a sampling of what is available and not necessarily the only useful ones. You will find many more if you search.

About the Book

Using a minimum of mathematics, this book explores the fundamental concepts of air conditioning and their application to systems—explaining all concepts in a clear, practical manner, and focusing on problems and examples typically encountered on the job. This book contains the most recent and industry-wide accepted information on load calculations, design data, equipment information, and use of the Internet.

This book is a basic heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) text. It fills a need for a text that presents basic principles and systems in a technically accurate yet practical manner.

HVAC: Everything you need to know

Today’s realities, which demand time and cost-effectiveness in HVAC work, require this practical approach. This book will be useful as a study and reference for students in air conditioning and refrigeration courses at colleges and universities, as well as for consulting engineers, consultants, operating technicians, and service technicians.

This book is designed for a two-semester course. Supplemental assignments may be assigned if the instructor wishes to further develop the suggested assignments.

This book begins by explaining the basic principles of air conditioning and then describes the equipment and systems. The text emphasizes the application of theory to both the design of new systems and the trouble shooting of existing systems. This approach is rein forced by numerous real-life examples and problems dealing with real-world situations.

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