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Air conditioning system is no longer considered the luxury items they once were, and are increasingly in demand for residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation applications, as well as for specialized facilities such as hospitals, research facilities, datacenters, and clean rooms.

Engineering systems in modern buildings and facilities contribute significantly to over all building performance in terms of energy use. Systems need to become increasingly sophisticated in design, installation, operation, control, and maintenance, Systems need to become increasingly sophisticated in design, installation, operation, control, and maintenance as the pressure to improve energy efficiency increases.


This is an introduction to air conditioning systems (frequently referred to as HVAC systems – heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems). It is intended for those engineers, architects and construction professionals who are only peripherally involved with HVAC systems in their professional activities, but would like to learn more about HVAC concepts, principles, systems and equipment. It is not a design manual, but will give design and construction professionals a step forward in understanding this area of building technology.

Design information presented here is presented in a “manual” form, that is, calculations are presented as if calculated manually, although, of course, this is done in most cases in practice by computer programs. This manual presentation will give a better understanding of the underlying principles rather than just leaving the matter of load calculations as a simple data input exercise.

The authors have been teaching this field for over 30 years at the Institute of Environmental Engineering (formerly the National College of Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering, South Bank University, London) and are experts in this field. He has also worked with key experts to support specific areas, including Associate Professor Risto Kosonen, Professor Tim Dwyer, Mr. Terry Welch, Professor Ron James, Professor John Missenden, and Mr. Stan Merchant.

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