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Airport Planning and Management 5th Edition- for free


In 1986, the first edition of Airport Planning & Management ushered in a ground breaking configuration of courses in basic airport principles designed for several similar but different markets: college students enrolled in aviation programs and professionals in the field of airport management and operations seeking further education.

It pioneered the organization of a course on basic airport principles designed for several similar and different markets: university students enrolled in programs and professionals in airport management and operations seeking further education. Since then, four editions of the text have been published, each reflecting updates that have occurred in the constantly evolving aviation industry.

The response from faculty and students over the years has been gratifying: Airport Planning & Management and the accompanying test bank are more widely used than any other material in the Airports course.

In the 17 years since the first edition of this text was published, the world of civil aviation, including airport management, has witnessed tremendous changes in technology, structure, and the political environment. Aviation

Aviation industry has responded to major regulatory changes, experienced economic hard ship, and experienced record economic prosperity. Similarly, General Aviation has witnessed a resurgence in activity and technological development.

Furthermore, the world of airport management continues to evolve in to a more scientific discipline, applying operational, economic, financial, and administrative theories to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

About the Book

Recognizing that a course in airport planning and management is usually the student’s first exposure to the field, this text provides a significant amount of introductory material. While no single text covers a specific topic, this text attempts to provide information that will enable students to gain a basic yet comprehensive and rich knowledge of the various aspects of airport planning and management.

The focus of this text is to build a solid foundation of understanding of all the elements involved in airport management, and after more than 40 years of teaching aviation management at the college level, we are confident that the information contained in this text is commensurate with college-level study.

The instructor recognizes that the content in this text will be supplemented by current case studies, examples drawn from his own experience, timely news sources, and industry and academic journals. Students are encouraged to explore and keep abreast of current periodicals such as Airport, Airport Business, Air Transport World, Aviation Week and Space Technology.

It is hoped that the ability to reason accurately and objectively about the problems facing airports and to develop an enduring interest in airport planning and management are two valuable by-products of the fundamental objectives of this text.

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