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Alexander Chajes Principles of Structural Stability Theory (Civil engineering and Engineering Mechanics Series)- for free

Structural Stability

Structural stability is a field of mechanics that studies the behavior of structures under compression. When a structure is subjected to a sufficiently high compressive force (or stress), it loses its rigidity, experiences a notice able change in geometry and tends to become unstable.

About the Book

This is introductory’s book on the subject of structural stability. Its purpose is to provide detailed processing of the buckling characteristics of various structural elements and to present various analytical methods used in solving stability problems.

The first chapter describes the buckling of the pillars. It starts with the Iinear elastic theory and follows to treat initial defects, large deformations and in elastic behaviors. This chapter ends by associating theoretical results with real engineering materials. Chapter 2 considers the various approximation methods used to solve buckling problems.

As with conventional methods, it includes numerical technologies that can be used in combination with high-speed electronic computers. The remaining chapters deal with the buckling of beams, frames, plates, and shells. These chapters serve a dual purpose. They show the buckling characteristics of the various structuraI elements in a manner similar to the treatment of the Chapter l column.

They also demonstrate how the various approximation methods introduced in Chapter 2 can be applied to different structural systems. The book is primarily concerned with analysis, but attempts have been made to associate theoretical conclusions with current design practices. Efforts have been made to limit this book to the basics and to deal with these in considerable detail. Therefore, the text can be easily followed by those who are not yet familiar with the subject of structural stability, including both senior undergraduates and graduate students, and structural engineers.

If this book is used as a textbook, it is clear that most chapters contain more examples of the application of the theory than the class can cover. In addition to the chapter end issue, it may be desirable to assign some of these examples as house assignments by students.

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