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Alternative Energy Systems and Applications- for free

Alternative energy

The title “Alternative Energy Systems and Applications” is used to convey the idea that the topics addressed encompass both alternative energy sources and alternative uses of existing energy sources. Solutions to the current energy dilemma include features of both.

Since the first edition was written (2007-2009), many changes have occurred in energy policy in the United States as well as worldwide. The second edition has been significantly affected by these changes.

It has been influenced by. The chapters on electric and hybrid vehicles (Chapter 16) and on enhanced oil and gas recovery (through hydraulic fracturing) and its impacts (Chapter 17). All chapters have been revised and, in many cases, significantly added. Wherever possible, quantitative information has been updated with the latest data.

These data include documented energy use, energy resource/use projections, and performance indicators and availability of energy systems and components. The number of websites cited in the second edition is significantly larger than in the first edition. All websites cited were active as of December 2016.

However, the websites are frequently updated (and renamed), but a search engine with a somewhat complete descriptor will usually redirect to the appropriate site. Since its first edition Many corporate and government websites have been reduced to useful quantitative information and more words, pictures, and illustrations. If a company or government agency does not have sufficient quantitative information on its website, it is often possible to secure such indicators by contacting the company or agency.

About the Book

This book was designed to help engineers develop new solutions for the current energy economy. To that end it provides technical discussions, along with numerous real-world examples of virtually all existing alternative energy sources, applications, systems and system components. All chapters focus on first-order engineering calculations, and consider alternative uses of existing and renewable energy resources. Just as important, the author describes how to apply these concepts to the development of new energy solutions.

Since the publication of the critically acclaimed first edition of this book, the alternative, renewable and sustainable energy industries have witnessed significant evolution and growth. Hydraulic fracturing, fossil fuel reserve increases, the increasing popularity of hybrid and all-electric vehicles, and the decreasing cost of solar power already have had a significant impact on energy usage patterns worldwide. Updated and revised to reflect those and other key developments, this new edition features expanded coverage of topics covered in the first edition, as well as entirely new chapters on hydraulic fracturing and fossil fuels, hybrid and all-electric vehicles, and more.

  • Begins with a fascinating look at the changing face of global energy economy
  • Features chapters devoted to virtually all sources of alternative energy and energy systems
  • Offers technical discussions of hydropower, wind, passive solar and solar-thermal, photovoltaic, fuel cells, CHP systems, geothermal, ocean energy, biomass, and nuclear
  • Contains updated chapter review questions, homework problems, and a thoroughly revised solutions manual, available on the companion website While Alternative Energy Systems and Applications, Second Edition is an ideal textbook/reference for advanced undergraduate and graduate level engineering courses in energy-related subjects, it is also an indispensable professional resource for engineers and technicians working in areas related to the development of alternative/renewable energy systems.

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