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Alternative Energy Technologies A Introduction with Computer Simulations

energy technologies

Alternative energy sources are becoming increasingly important in a world striving for energy self-sufficiency, clean air, and freedom from global warming. Solar cells, wind power, and bio fuels are some of the competing alternative energy sources that are gaining a foot hold in the future energy mix, and the economic benefits of these technologies are constantly increasing as costs are reduced and efficiencies are increased. Alternative Energy Technologies:

An Introduction with Computer Simulations explores the science and engineering behind many emerging alternative energy technologies, including polymer solar cells, algae bio fuels, and artificial leaves. It also addresses the environ mental imperatives for these technologies. Unlike previous books, however, this book uses simple computer models implemented within a spread sheet environment to simulate various aspects of alternative energy technologies and thus learn about the subject matter.

About the Book

This book presents the basic science behind a wide range of alternative energy technologies in a unique way. Alternative energy sources are presented through several simple computer models that can be used to understand their behavior. Computers have permeated our entire lives, revolutionizing scientific research and opening up entirely new ways of doing science and engineering.

This book not only introduces the science behind alternative energy sources (and some of the environmental needs for alternative energy sources), but also the role computer simulation plays in unraveling the science of these systems.

In particular, by describing simple models implemented in a spread sheet environment, the simulations are easy to understand and use for students with no programming experience. The computer models presented in this book can be taught as part of a regular course of study, used as a catalyst for student research, or used by researchers unfamiliar with computer modeling to explore the power and versatility of simple computer simulations.

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