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An Introduction to the Marine Surveying version2- for free

Marine Surveying

What type of surveyor is needed and what type of survey is required depends largely on the directing party’s involvement in the marine venture. Any of the various parties involved in a marine venture may request a marine surveyor to conduct a survey for them. Because of this diversity, many marine surveyors will specialize in a particular area and work for a particular type of client. This specialization is developed through an individual’s background, knowledge, and experience. An individual’s education, training, and credentials play an important role in the process of becoming a specialist in a particular marine surveying field.

Since it is not possible for an individual surveyor to specialize in all areas of marine surveying, an “associate” business form is commonly developed. Thus, practitioners from different specific disciplines, whether maritime, engineering, cargo, commodities, naval architects, or with related maritime backgrounds, both within and outside the maritime industry, agree to work together to provide a wide range of services to potential clients. Others simply specialize in one area and develop their knowledge base in order to be considered experts in that area and to become court appraisers.

About the Book

The purpose of this unit and its chapters is to provide potential new comers to marine surveying with an overview of what to expect and to provide refresher training for existing surveyors to further hone their skills and increase their knowledge base.

This unit will focus on the role of the marine surveyor as opposed to the marine consultant. These two titles often cause confusion due to the differences in their roles. The content of this unit may over run the consultant role if it is deemed necessary to clarify or qualify a particular point.

For the sake of order, here is a brief definition of these two titles: “A Marine Surveyor is a person who, under the direction of a client, measures, evaluates, surveys, examines, examines, and reports on the subject matter to be surveyed. Marine consultants provide skills and services based on their knowledge and experience in a particular field, offering advice and knowledge that the client does not have.”

This first unit provides the aspiring marine surveyor with an overview of the marine industry and all the elements that make up the industry. We will look at the trade, the types of vessels and cargoes, and the various entities that make up the marine industry. This will give students the background knowledge necessary to understand the details of the specific units covering the survey of ships, yachts, and cargoes that will be studied later.

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