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Analysis and Design of Machine Elements- for free


A machine is a device that uses power to accomplish a desired function beneficial to mankind. Generally, it consists of a power source that provides power and motion and an executing device that performs the intended function. In between are the transmission and control devices.

Power sources include prime movers, such as internal combustion engines, which use natural energy sources to generate power, and secondary prime movers, such as electric motors, which receive energy directly or indirectly from a generator driven by the prime mover. The power source, either the engine in a car or the battery in an electric car, provides power to the executing device, for example, the wheels, through the transmission system (including couplings, clutches, shafts, power train, etc.).

The control system, i.e., steering system and brakes, controls the movement of the vehicle. Lights, gauges, and wind shield wipers are accessories that ensure that the vehicle runs properly.

About the Book

This book was written for a course in mechanical design, a required course for students majoring in mechanical engineering. Due to the growing interest in safety these days, this book focuses on failure analysis and prevention-based machine element design, introducing the subject in an up-to-date manner.

The book is intended to provide students with the basic concepts, principles, and philosophies in the analysis, selection, and design of safe, efficient, and practical machine elements, and to expose them to the detailed design methods, skills, and tools necessary to translate the concepts into practical devices.

It is intended to provide a general methodology and foundation for the analysis and design of common mechanical elements and to give students the ability to apply these methods and procedures to the design of mechanical elements. When designing machine elements for critical applications, the designer should review all important data from standards, design handbooks, or industrial manuals.

This book uses the International System of Units and also introduces conversions to other systems of units. This book evolved from lecture notes originally prepared for international undergraduates in mechanical design courses, with the hope that graduates of the Department of Mechanical Engineering would enhance their ability to function well in a globalized profession and to communicate effectively and cooperate productively in international collaborative design activities.

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