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Worldwide, there are many break downs or complete collapses of concrete steel and offshore structures. If the reasons behind these failures are known and understand able, it will be much easier to avoid such incidents. This document fully describes the flaws in project management from the feasibility stage to operation and maintenance. The purpose of this book is to provide guidelines for structural engineers to understand the best way to establish functional structures that will remain durable throughout their life time.

From the experience of lecturing many courses around the world, the main underlying problem of failure has to do with over confidence, and every civil or structural engineer believes that the safety factor covers everything.

However, these safety factors have certain limitations in providing the safety of the structure. Therefore, it is very important to fully understand the theoretical background behind the safety factors in various codes and standards.

The failure of the structure has a general meaning that it does not perform its functions. A simple example is a crack or deterioration that prevents the user from using the structure when he or she doubts his or her safety. The crisis in case of collapse of the structure is considered to be a complete failure of the structure. All codes and standards on preventing the collapse of buildings are well maintained maintain ability of structures with in acceptablelimits.

Failure occurs under the main circumstances, but generally there is a maximum load when it occurs during the period of structural life, and failure occurs when the minimum strength occurs.

About the Book

The book covers the pitfalls of project management, design errors, bad materials, construction problems, and operational and maintenance problems that can cause structural failure or collapse.

The book also addresses a number of structural failures of both land and marine structures, and the underlying reasons and mechanisms of the failure are determined by case studies using engineering calculations. Due to structural aging, it is essential to carry out proper evaluation and repair of existing structures or increase their strength to achieve their full functional use.

Traditional and advanced methods of assessment and inspection for concrete and steel structures are the best way to predict the structural lifespan for onshore and offshore structures.

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