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AutoCAD Civil 3D Country Kit Workbook- for free

Civil 3D

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D is a design and analysis software that helps you cater to civil engineering problems during design and analysis and provides the best solution to your problems. It supports Bim (Building Information Modeling) work flows. Civil3D allows you to save design data and share it with existing Autodesk AutoCAD users.

For best practices in design and analysis with allfull3D aspects, Citizen 3D is created and implemented in the field of design. It owns more useful features than Eagle Point.

About the Book

This document provides an overview of all the settings included in AutoCADCivil3D 2014 Country Kit Czech republic.

The document contains the following abbreviations:

  • AutoCAD Citizen 3D 2014-Citizen 3D
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Country Kit Czech Republic–CKCZ
  • C code-Coutry  Code (CSY,ENU)

It is recommended to create a new drawing file using a pre-designed template. CKCZ contains 3 things:

  • AutocadCivil 3D 2014 CZ, contains most of the styles and settings described in this workbook: It is dedicated for normal design tasks.
  • Autocad Citizen 3D 2014 koleje CZ. This template contains all the styles and labels like template .
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 CZ. The styles and labels for the rail design have been added and the default styles have been changed. The following describes only the added styles.
  • Autocad Civil 3D CSN 013411_geodezie is proposed for large-scale map creation as per the standard UCCS N013411. It contains lots of point styles, line types and description keysets.
CKCZ also includes:

View Frame creation template:

  • Cz_Civil3D Situace.dwt-only Layout
  • Cz_Civil3D Profil.dwt-only Profiles
  • Cz_Civil3D Situace A Profil.dwt-Layout and profile Layout
  •  CZCivil3D ŽEZY.dwt-Crosssection layout A1-A3, extended A3

Design Reference file CZ_Klopeni_rozsireni_AutoCAD_Civil_3D.xml, it is mainly used to check the alignment parameters and ultra-horizontal calculation and to enlarge the curve. Calculation:

  • Round about design Reference file
  • CZ_Okruzni_Krizovatky_AutoCAD_Civil_3D.xml…
  • Railway Design Reference File_Cz_Vypocet_Prevyseni.xml
  • Volume Report
  • Additional reports
  • QTO Item
  • Set of assemblies for intersection design
  • Set of traffic signs for round about.
  • Catalog of construction and piping
  • Before use, insert the command “Part catalog regen”
  • Catalogue of pressure pipes, fittings and fittings
  • Pressure pipe IDM Catalog_Metric_Csy.

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