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Avoiding Claims in Building Design Risk Management in Practice- for free

Risk Management

Now, the potential to be claimed is a major risk factor for all architectural designers, engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers. A part from cases going to court, many other claims are settled before they reach that stage. The cost of insurance to meet claims is now a substantial component of all practice over head. Wise risk management can help identify potential causes of claims, reduce their likelihood, warn of impending trouble and control how claims are defended.

The designers of the building seem to be particularly exposed to being argued against. It has been my experience that many designers have a wondrous knack of getting into trouble, with some relatively simple precautions they may have avoided or minimized. While many of the precautions covered by this book are hardly simple, many are basic common sense and may seem to state obvious things, but it can bean obvious, often vitally important part of a claim that could have been reasonably foreseen with the help of some risk strategy.

About the Book

This book explains how to develop risk management strategies and proposes methods that can complement existing management procedures without imposing unnecessary bureaucracy. It attaches as much importance to risk interactions between design team members as to the risk profile of the practice itself.

The first part defines risk and its origin, explain show risk occurs in different professions and types of practice and how it interacts between occupations, compares quality assurance and risk management, and advises on relationships with practitioners, insurance companies and lawyers. I tends with advice on how to create a risk strategy and system for the office.

The second part is devoted to technology and cover: setting up appointments; creating teams; managing projects; risks of CDM; complications of procurement; and drafting, awarding and building contracts discussed in detail the risk implications of the main contract forms. This concludes with advice on the handling of claims.

The book contains references to many legal cases to explain the risks discussed. It is recommended to read not only for individual occupations (architect, engineer, QS, project manager), but the risk of one profession is to take care of his fellow team.

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