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Basic Manners for the Family Dog By Professional Dog Trainer, Jess Rollins- for free


Ongoing socialization is very important to prevent problem behaviors. Socialization is especially important by the age of 6 months, but should be done throughout the dog’s life. Gentle socialization plays a major role in preventing aggression and fearful behavior. Lack of socialization can lead to hyperactivity, barking, shyness, and aggression.

The younger the dog is socialized, the better, but every dog can gradually learn to take new situations, initially fearful, and enjoy them. Socialization is a life long process. For example, if your dog has not seen a dog for months or years, its behavior will change when it starts seeing dogs again.

Socialization and creating an appropriate living environment are key factors in avoiding problems. For example, bathing, walking down  the street, vacuuming, etc. Gradually ac climate them to these activities using treats, toys, and praise.

Another important preventive measure is to create a means of communication through training. If you teach your dog that he will be rewarded frequently if he behaves calmly and that you control his access to all of his favorite things, you have taken a major step toward solving a possible future problem. Keep the environment appropriate for your dog.

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