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Retail Design

When you study a retail design degree at NDA, you’ll have access to a new world of professional online education; with four bachelor’s and master’s degree courses, you’ll find the right fit for you! Taught by professional interior designers in our online Virtual Learning Studio.

There are no exams and you can learn as your work and family commitments allow. Enroll full or part time, any time! Choose from 5 Interior Design Degrees Our retail design degrees are awarded in partnership with De Montfort University, one of the top universities in the UK. With tuition fees 40% lower than most UK universities and student loans available for UK students who want help with tuition fees, studying for an Interior Design degree has never been easier.


The purpose of this book is to examine the process and strategies of space design for retail. Shopping is part of our daily lives. Whether it is to eat, wear, or simply enjoy, the places we choose to shop tell us something about our lifestyle, culture, and interests. We develop a relationship with retail environments that we feel comfortable in and reject spaces that do not fit our image.

Store design is an ever-changing cycle that follows fashion trends and consumer aspirations. Retail spaces are at the forefront of contemporary interior design because they are regularly updated to remain competitive and appealing. Some of the most well-designed store interiors are complex, starting with brand and identity analysis. The designer’s goal is to attract, excite, and engage consumers by creating an experience that they can relate to.

This book thoroughly guides the reader through each step of the retail design process and provides strategies for creating successful retail spaces and designs that work for brands, products, consumers, and retailers. Innovative and interactive interiors can be found in the retail sector.

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