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Basics of Concrete Science- pdf for free

Concrete science

Concrete science is the study of concrete, its types, structure, properties, and environmental effects. Concrete engineering has evolved in the course of developments in construction technology and improvements in experimental research methods.

Modern concrete science is a dynamically evolving applied science that studies the structure and properties of composite materials that result from the curing of binders and aggregates.

The primary goal of concrete science is to develop a theory for the production of concrete with prescribed properties and to maintain its working capacity and necessary durability in structures and buildings under the influence of use factors.

Given the multi faceted nature of concrete science, the vast baggage of theoretical studies, and the practical experience accumulated to date, it is a nun easy matter to state the nature of concrete science.

The uses of concrete in civil engineering can be conventionally divided in to several phases:

  • antique
  • application of hydraulic lime and Roman cement.
  • The formation of Portland cement technology and the application of plain concrete.
  • Mass use of concrete for the production of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Application of concrete in the manufacture of prestressed concrete and precast reinforced concrete structures.
  • Extensive use of various types of concrete modified by admixtures.

About the Book

This book has been prepared with the goal of illuminating well, without over simplification, the various branches of concrete science, including cementitious stone and concrete structures, their basic properties and types, and the design of concrete formulations. Key observations on uncemented concrete and mortar are also briefly discussed.

It is hoped that this book will be useful to graduate students, scientists, and a wide range of engineers, as well as university students specializing in architecture.

The authors thank there viewers: Prof. P.Komohov, Prof. P. Krivenko,Prof. A. Ysherov-Marl. We thank Prof. A.Ysherov-Marshak for his valuable advice and suggestions and Dr.N. Lyshnikova for her help in preparing the presentation.

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