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Blueprint Reading Construction Drawings For The Building Trades- free


In his book, “How to Read a Blueprint,” Sam Kubba addresses the century old problem of creating blueprints and understanding the messages they contain.

Blueprint makers are primarily people with professional education and experience and with certifications in related fields in almost every industry. The implementers are those who transform information into reality. Just as the qualities of the producer are essential, the doer is also an essential component, and as Kubba has detailed primarily for the building and construction industry, there is ongoing interest in improving this process from the start of creation to completion.

It is beneficial to all involved in this process, including the generations that will benefit from the final product, that ideas are understood, transformed, and applied appropriately. Otherwise, substandard conversion and application will Frustrate building users.

Education, training, a systematic approach, communication, coordination, understanding, and traditional knowledge are key elements in turning ideas into reality. This book addresses these issues and puts the reader on the path to success.


It would have been extremely difficult to publish a book of this magnitude without the help and support of the many friends, colleagues, architects/engineers, contractors, and others who have contributed greatly to the formation and crystallization of my thoughts and insights into the many topics and issues addressed in this book.

I am also indebted to the countless people and organizations that contributed ideas, comments, photographs, and illustrations that helped to turn this book from a pipedream in to a reality.

It is always a great pleasure to work with them. I must also acknowledge the excellent work done by Jackie Wallace, the project manager, for her unwavering commitment and support, and for always being there when I needed help or advice.

I would also like to thank Wendy Lochner for proof reading the first draft and Leona Woodson for proof reading and indexing the final draft. It would be remiss not to thank Jeff Weeks for the wonderful cover design.

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