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Boiler Operation Engineer Exam Question and Answer- for free

Boiler Operation

Boiler Operation Engineer Exam- Steam production and its use have undergone fundamental changes over the years as a result of pioneering efforts by scientists and engineers in the fields of fuel and combustion technology, boiler operation and power generation.

There are many excellent texts that deal with these themes separately, but it may be difficult for technicians and operators in charge of boiler operation to obtain a single book covering different aspects of boiler operation techniques. I hope this book meets their requirements and is also advantageous to students taking courses in power plant engineering and fuel combustion technology.


The subject is presented in the form of questions and answers. Real-world problems are complemented by research problems related to basic concepts, and numerical calculations are incorporated if necessary to better understand the subject.

However, as the concepts of efficient cwbustion of fuel, the use of low-calorie fuels, and better pollution control measures are growing, the methods of steam production and utilization are becoming increasingly complex: old ones are being phased out to give way to new ones.

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