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Building Design and Construction Handbook- for free

Building Design

One advance in building design was developed around themid-20th century and was originally applied to the design of machinery and electronics with remarkable achievements in operational research, or adaptations of system design. Previously, the design of new buildings was primarily an imitation of the design of existing buildings. Technological innovations were often developed by coincidence or by intuition and were a rare event. In contrast, system design encourages innovation.

It is the precise procedure that guides creativity towards the best decisions. As a result, it can play an important role in addressing the challenges posed by the increasing complexity and cost of buildings. This section describes the basic principles of system design.

About the Book

The sixth edition of the Building Design and Construction Handbook maintains the original purpose of the previous edition, which gained widespread acceptance among users. These goals are to provide a compendium of the best of current knowledge and practice in building design and construction in a single volume.

This information is of greatest use to those who have to make decisions that affect the choice of engineering materials and construction methods. With special attention to the simplified procedure, emphasis is placed on the basic principles and practical application. Frequent references to other sources where additional authoritative information may be obtained, such as the architecture and engineering Society, manufacturers’ associations and the Internet are made. An extensive index is provided to help readers in finding topics within the book.

Many new contributors and sections have been added in this edition to provide readers with the latest developments and knowledge of the building industry.

These developments include the expansion of data technology and communication systems within building systems, the revision of wind and seismic loads, and the expansion of information on fire sprinkler systems. In order to present the necessary information in a single volume, out dated and less important information from previous editions has been removed.

The editors are very grateful to the contributors for the care, skills and knowledge used in preparing the section, as well as for the considerable sacrifice of personal time to prepare the section.

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