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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Framework for Structural Design- free


The BIM framework for structural design proposed and presented in this document provides away to explore structural design by blending various threads of knowledge that can inform a given building structure to arrive at structural beauty and correctness.

This BIM framework is referred to as the Synergy Framework for Structure and Architecture (SAS framework) or the built-id framework (students’ preferred name)The SAS framework facilitates the exploration of structural design as an art form while emphasizing engineering principles, and it there by deepening our understanding of the influence that structure can play in generating form and defining spatial order and organization.

The proposed SAS framework will enable architects and engineers to applaud the integration of art and science and cultivate professional qualities that will meet the demands of today’s as well as tomorrow’s integrated practice.

About the Book

This book is primarily concerned with Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology and its application in the structural analysis and design of building structures. The book is presented with relevant case study BIM projects and provides examples of modeling methods and exercises with solutions.

The fundamental goal of the material covered is to present the use of BIM technology as part of a design process or BIM framework that leads to a more comprehensive, intelligent, and integrated building design. The book’s unique emphasis on the application of BIM technology to explore the close relationship between structural engineering and building design makes it suitable for students of engineering, architecture, and construction management, as well as a valuable resource for building design professionals, building contractors, subcontractors, and fabricators.

The book also includes a discussion of current and emerging trends in structural engineering practice and the role of the structural engineer in building design using new BIM technology. This new technology is transforming practice activities in the 21st century and is emerging as one of the most promising advances in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC)field.

Today, the AEC industry continues to inform association members and stakeholders about the adoption of BIM in a variety of ways, including this publication. However, at the very core of BIM’s evolution is education.

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