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Building Materials in Civil Engineering- for free

Building Materials

All materials and products used in structures and buildings in the general environment for human existence are referred to as building materials and are the basic materials underlying all building engineering. Building materials covered in this course are all materials used in building foundations, foundations, floors, walls, beams, boards, roofs, and architectural ornamentation.

Building materials are diverse. They are usually classified from various angles for study, application, and description. The most common classification is based on chemical composition and function.

About the Book

This book on building materials is one of the “New Century Higher Vocational Civil Engineering Programming Textbooks” published by Science Press in August 2001. This book received a special award from the “2001-2003 National Higher Vocational Civil Engineering Programming Textbook for 2001-2003” proposed by the Specialized Committee on Textbook Construction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has received high praise from peers, construction engineers, and teachers. This book is one of the national general higher education text books of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan.

This book is suitable for students majoring in “Civil Engineering”, This book is suitable for students majoring in “civil engineering”, “construction engineering”, “technical supervision”, “cost accounting engineering”, and “waterworks engineering”.

Suitable for students majoring in “Civil Engineering”, “Construction Engineering”,  “Engineering Supervision”, “Cost Accounting Engineering”, “Water Supply and Drainage Engineering”, and engineers and technicians working in related professional fields. Due to the requirements for higher vocational, professional, and occupational education, this book not only focuses on cement, concrete, steel, and new water proofing materials, but also introduces environmentally friendly materials. The aim is to make the material more applicable, more substantial, more concise, and more innovative.

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