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Building Services Handbook 6th Edition- for free

Building services

The building services industry is based on engineering principles applied to the construction of buildings and the built environment. In many ways, building services are responsible for the man-made environment in which we live and work, and for the environmental condition of the planet in relation to it.

Its origins as a science and technology are well known, such as Archimedes’ use of the spiral to move water or the concept of floor heating in Roman palaces. More recently, it has evolved in response to population growth and expectations for comfortable housing, convenience, and healthy home and work environments. The industry is vast in scope in that it encompasses a wide variety of occupations and trades.

The Building Services Handbook was first published almost 30 years ago as Essential Building Services and Equipment by Fred Hall. Since then, under a new title, the content has been regularly expanded, updated, and revised, maintaining the original content with simple illustrations, clear text, tables and graphs, calculations, and references for further study. Used in conjunction with the Building Construction Handbook, this book is an essential reference not only for the building trades, but for all students taking building services or construction-related courses.

Building services encompasses a wide variety of occupations and specialties, the scope of which cannot be contained in one comprehensive book. This book is a learning resource that introduces students to the aspects of service most commonly encountered in existing and new buildings.


This book is a learning resource that introduces aspects of service most commonly encountered in existing and new buildings. This book is neither prescriptive or extensive. A library of texts and reference materials is needed to fully develop this subject. Many excellent specialized books exist for this purpose. As a Handbook As a handbook, this book is intended to help the reader understand and appreciate the importance of building services. And understand the importance of the following.

Building services are the dynamics in a static structure. They provide facilities for day lighting, comfort, movement, communication, and convenience. The impact of services in a modern building can be measured against the amount of space they occupy and the cost of their installation and subsequent maintenance.

In terms of space, one out of every six floors, or more than15% of the building’s volume, is attributable to accommodating cables, ducts, pipes, etc. It is not uncommon for the share of construction capital costs for highly serviced buildings, such as hospitals and sports centers, to exceed 75%. In atypical modern office building, about 50% of the construction budget is spent on services.

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