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Drawings are the language of the engineer. Engineers have to be good familiar with the picture. The drawing represents a reduced shape the structure and the owner can see what happens.

The drawings are prepared according to the requirements of the owner. In the case of public buildings, the functional aspects are studied, and accordingly the drawings are obtained in accordance with the National Building Code (N.A.).B.C) Any changes may be proposed, such as additions or omissions from the study of the drawings, before the actual construction of the structure is commenced in or in the recommendations placed by the Indian Standard specifications. The drawings provide the language with specific data to the architects, engineers and workers on the site to build the structure accordingly.

In the case of public buildings and other civil works, in order to estimate the total cost of the construction project, it is essential to calculate the various construction items and their quantities for this purpose, drawings of different parts and different views are in dispensable, so that approval for work from the sanctioning authorities can be obtained.

In addition, detailed drawings form an in dispensable contract document when the work is handed over to the contractor. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare detailed drawings to inform the contractor, the exact information that he needs during the construction of different items of work. Drawings prepared in this way should be carefully, even after the completion of the work. Therefore, by referring to the details of the foundation provided initially, we will evaluate the possibility of further vertical expansion.


A detailed drawing of Project a is drawn up before starting construction work and other engineering work on the building on the site. A set of these drawings is required in the office of the authority for construction, the approval of the field engineer of the design office, the architect’s office. Also, if several loans are taken for the construction of the building, then one set of them is required by the loan giving authority / agency.

As such we require 5 or 6 sets of detailed drawings drawn by drafters, it is costly and we require a lot of labor and time. So, in order to save labor and time, detailed drawings are created on tracing paper or tracing cloth. After these drawings are approved by the competent authorities, the printed matter is taken out.

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