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Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam 15th Edition By Michael R Lindeburg- for free

PE Exam

The information used to write and update this book was based on test specifications at the time of publication. However, as with the engineering practice itself, PE exam is not always based on the latest code or cutting-edge technology.

Similarly, codes, standards, and regulations adopted by state and local agencies are often issued several years later. The latest code, the code you actually use, and the code that underlies the exam can all be different. POI has posted on its website the dates and editions of the codes, standards and regulations that NCEES has announced as the basis for the PE exam. It is your responsibility to find out which code is relevant to your exam.

About the Book

This fourteenth edition of the Civil Engineering Reference Manual represents a complex aggregation of the reasons mentioned: revision of the test code and standards, the addition of new and improved materials.

The reason this fourteenth edition turned out the way it did is as complicated as the reason it was written in the first place. First, like its predecessors, this edition was developed in an ethical and professional way. This means that when I wrote this edition, NCEES only led me to publish an overview of exam subjects. It may seem strange to you that a book designed to help you pass the civil PE exam is not based on the actual exam content, so this book has no actual exam content.

Second, as a professional engineer, I believe that this will help to review and learn the engineering concepts required to pass the civil PE exam (and therefore go to protect the public), PPI will be the core of the project, while still helping qualified applicants to prepare for a future career as an engineer.

Finally, because I wrote this book so that it would be such a textbook that I would like to help me learn the concepts needed to pass the civil PE exam. You don’t have to go very far to find someone who will tell you that this book goes far beyond the subjects covered in the Civil PE exam.

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