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Civil engineering systems, however, are much more than a convenient hold all for diverse expert mathematical methods. Civil engineering systems are concerned with the decision-making process with in civil engineering professionals. Providing a 10gical, comprehensive framework for the study of civil engineering decision-making, the result is that many technologies from other areas involved in decision-making are naturally integrated into civil engineering systems.

Operational research, management science, mathematical optimization and statistical decision-making are specialties that have blossomed since World War II. They all concern quantitative methods for solving problems of decision-making, planning and management in industrial and commercial enterprises. Many of the methods are applicable to a wide range of civil engineering problems, and the profession has gradually accepted some of them and benefited from their use. This book introduces some of the methods and concepts of these specialties that are particularly useful and applicable to practical civil engineering issues.

About the Book

The book is based on a lecture course given over the years to civil engineering students at the University of Liverpool. These courses are practical in civil engineering as a creative decision-making process where knowledge of a systematic approach and some efficient decision-making methods is invaluable, although the materials in this book are aimed at undergraduate and master’s levels in the final year, some topics can be easily and properly taught early.

The book assumes knowledge of simple differential calculations, vectors and matrices, but all the mathematical methods described are simply developed and self-contained. Only basic knowledge of technical theory and analysis, for example, structural mechanics and hydrodynamics, is assumed. An important feature of this book is that civil engineering considerations are always a top priority. All mathematical methods are developed in strict mathematical methods, but only open theoretical aspects are illustrated as much as possible with detailed examples drawn from civil engineering, when a number of practical civil engineering problems clearly indicate the need for mathematical solutions.

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