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The American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) has made a concerted effort to work with ABET (formerly named the Engineering and Technology Accreditation Board) to ensure that civil engineering education predicts and responds to the evolving needs of the profession. ASCE has formed several task forces over the past 10 years to address these current needs as well as to predict key trends.

ASCE has incorporated these findings in to multiple reports and policy statements. Policy 465 Academic pre requisites for licensure and professional practice; the vision articulated by the Summit on the Future of Civil Engineering-2025; Civil Engineering Knowledge Institutions of the 21st Century (BOK1-2004 and BOK2-2008). Policy 465 supports the concept of a master’s degree or equivalent as a prerequisite for licensure and as a practice of civil engineering at the professional level.

About the Book

This book focuses on our engagement with students in the Department of Civil Engineering at California State University Sacramento (CSUS) and how they are highly functional, competent, ethical, and successful civil engineers. We have been guided by the vision established by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in Knowledge 1 (2004) and 2 (2008) and other ASCE policy statements.. We would like to acknowledge both the students who inspired us and the many professional civil engineers, both past and present.

The author would also like to thank colleagues from the CSUS Department of Civil Engineering for their support for this project and for providing an environment that is both stimulating and nurturing. Specifically, we want to thank Ramzi Mahmood, Chair of the Department, Dr. for his support. Keith Bisharat is grateful for great leadership and insight into the first mysteries of book publishing.

Finally, thanks to John Wiley and Sons, Inc. For their efforts to create this handbook. Editor Jim Harper, Senior Editorial Assistant Daniel Magers, Production Manager Kirst in Nasdeo, Senior Production Editor Nancy Sintron, and Executive editor Ron Hubbard contributed to this report. I am very grateful to Bert L.Argentieri.

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