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Civil PE Practice Examination- pdf for free

Civil PE

Civil PE Exam consists of 80 questions including multiple choice, multiple corrections, point-and-click, drag-and-drop, and blank questions The Civil PE Exam in an 8-hourexam is designed by NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying) to test civil engineering competencies. Passing the civil PE exam is a mandatory step to become a licensed professional engineer. The first 40 questions are a wide range of questions, while the second 40 questions show your selected area of depth, depending on your specialty: (Construction -geology-structure- Transportation –water resources).

There is no individually timed section on the Civil PE exam, which means you are responsible for managing your time on the exam. You will start the exam with a 2-minuteconfidentialityagreement, and an 8-minute tutorial and you can start working on the test questions. Throughout the exam, you will encounter pre-test items included to test questions for use in future exams. They are not scored, but you can’t identify which questions are pre-test questions and which are legitimate exam questions.


Civil PE Practice Exam contains six 40 questions, multiple choice exams that match the NCEES Civil PE Exam format and specifications. The morning wide exam covers a variety of topics in civil engineering. The afternoon depth exam (construction, geology, structure, transportation, water Resources and environment) prepares you for the depth exam of your choice and provides additional practice for the morning exam subjects.

Consistent with the actual exam, the civil PE practice exam problem requires a six-minute average to solve. Improve your time management skills by taking each exam within the same four hour time limit as the real exam. Then use six separate answer keys to evaluate performance. A comprehensive step-by-step solution demonstrates an accurate and efficient problem-solving approach. The solution also references the code and standards adopted in the exam, so you can learn where to find the information you need and how to use resources efficiently.

Civil PE Practice Exam will help you to:

  • Please understand the topic and format of the exam well
  • Identify accurate and efficient problem-solving approaches
  • Connect related theories to problems like exams
  • Navigate the code and standards adopted in the exam
  • Solve the problem under timed conditions.

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