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Concrete is the most common building material on the planet. Anyone involved in construction will use concrete at some point in their career. This course builds on the theoretical knowledge of civil, structural, and concrete engineering. Students will gain practical knowledge of concrete as a construction material.

This course covers the design, production and placement of concrete, from raw materials to verification. It also leads to common special applications in civil engineering concrete, such as shotcrete and tremie concrete.

The history of cement materials is as old as the history of engineering construction. Some kind of cement material was used in ancient structures by the Egyptians, Romans and Indians. It is believed that the early Egyptians mainly used cement materials obtained by burning plaster. Less light is thrown into the cement materials used in the construction of the cities of Harappa and Mohenjadaro.

Analysis of the mortar from the Great Pyramid showed that it contained only 81.5 percent calcium sulfate and 9.5 percent carbonate. The early Greeks and Romans used cement materials obtained by burning limestone. The remarkable hardness of the mortar used in early Roman bricks, some of which still exist, present sample evidence of the perfection that the art of cementing materials achieved in ancient times. The superiority of the Roman mortars is attributed to the thoroughness of the mixing and the long-lasting hitting.

About the Book

Concrete Technology: Theory and Practice “gives civil engineering students a thorough understanding of all aspects of concrete technology from first principles. It covers types of cement, ad mixture, concrete strength, durability and test with reference to national standards. For over 30 years, this book has evolved to be a must-read for all students on the subject, and has also become a useful reference book for practicing engineers.

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