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Construction Business

Construction Business Development- What business development capabilities are required in the construction industry at the beginning of the 21stcentury? This book examines the opportunities and clear challenges of doing business in this fiercely competitive and market-driven environment. The construction industry has changed. Its business leaders and managers need new and innovative approaches.

This book examines new and innovative approaches for leaders and managers in the construction business. Each chapter represents the insights of practitioners, consultants, and researchers in construction business development. The book provides illustrations and examples of the necessary approaches and strategies.


The chapters present several practical approaches to the development and implementation of business development in construction organizations.

Chapter2 addresses strategic business issues.

Chapter3 emphasizes the importance of a planned and strategic approach to marketing.

Chapter 4 presents a marketing/business development case study of a small construction company.

Chapter 5 identifies the application of marketing and business development to engineering consulting.

Chapter 6 addresses customer relationship management (CRM), and the key to successful CRM implementation rests on two things.

Chapter 7 argues that the construction industry has been slow to develop customer care programs that could bring many important benefits.

Chapter 8 discusses bidding strategies.

Chapter 9 examines a number of important PR activities that are now essential to the business development of the construction industry.

Chapter 10 examines the management of change: the treatment of change has changed dramatically with the emergence of specific change programs such as TQM, BPR, and culture change, each with its own specific program and philosophy.

Chapter 11 discusses the impact of the Internet and e-business on the construction industry.

Chapter 12 discusses the importance of knowledge. As information becomes more important, the role of knowledge becomes more critical.

Chapter 13 discusses the challenges and opportunities in collaborative working.

Chapter 14 asserts that business development in the construction industry is all about market and customer knowledge, strategy and tactics, relationships, teamwork, marketing, proposal writing, business acumen, contract terms, risk assessment and analysis, technical know-how, time management, project experience, networking, listening.

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