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Construction Inspection Manual 8th Edition- for free


The importance of choosing a competent construction inspection is sometimes underestimated. A good check can be worth many times the cost of preventing omissions and errors that may damage the quality, soundness and durability of the project and interfere with obtaining value for the invested money. The basic function of the construction inspector is to ensure that compliance with construction documents is achieved. In addition, the inspector should not be satisfied with acting as an extra pair of eyes and simply reporting errors in the work after they are done.

Inspectors can prevent problems and avoid misunderstandings by continuously reviewing construction documents and working in cooperation with supervisors and subcontractors.

The inspector must look ahead and be fully aware of the construction documents and all stages of work. Preparation prevents costly and time-wasting errors and bottlenecks due to delayed delivery of materials and improper scheduling of work. Prompt inspection of delivered materials, preparation and installation can prevent costly tear out, replacement or redo of work.

In these and other ways, inspectors can perform real services to owners, design professionals and contractors, and thus become an important member of the team needed to get smooth-running construction processes, sound, properly assembled projects and work schedule delivery.


The goal of the Construction Inspection Manual is to improve inspection procedures for all types of construction work and to achieve consensus among owners, architects, engineers, contractors and construction inspectors on the best methods and practices.

Since good planning and specifications are the cornerstone of good construction, this manual also provides valuable guidelines for improving the design and specification process.

The need for consistent on site inspection is essential for the number of overlapping codes, specification standards and individual interpretations among architects, engineers and agencies, as well as strict design and requirements for the accurate execution of work.

This manual allows all segments of the industry to use their expertise to achieve a more uniform application of inspection methods that benefit all stake holders.

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