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Construction Management and Design of Industrial Concrete and Steel Structures- for free


This area will enhance the design, construction, and management of these projects. For example, for industrial projects, time is more important than cost. This principle is different from other projects. In addition, industrial projects rely on equipment that is unique to each industry sector, such as machinery, cranes, ships, and tanks.

Such projects require concrete or steel structures for equipment, which are sometimes subject to dynamic loading and require special design procedures and design philosophies. While most industrial projects are located on shore, many oil and gas projects have facilities and structures off shore or in near-shore waters for activities such as exploration and vessel loading.

Management is critical to resolving the interface between the various engineering disciplines working together in the engineering office and in the field. Because the electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, and civil engineers are focused solely on their own interests, the main challenge for management at any stage is to resolve conflicts and create and maintain harmony among team members to ensure the successful completion of the project in terms of time, cost, and quality.

About the Book

Industrial structures in this book refer to all reinforced concrete and steel structures, from small factories to nuclear power plants. This book provides an overview of the management, design, construction, and ultimately the provision of maintenance plans for industrial projects. In most cases, industrial projects are huge, and a single project can costupto$1billion. Therefore, the client, the engineering firm, and the contractor are all in the same boat until strong management systems and technical capabilities can make the project a success.

Therefore, this book discusses all the items that interface between these three main partners. Unfortunately, while all engineering disciplines work together on this type of project, structural and civil engineers are usually the last ones to obtain accurate data from other disciplines and the first ones to start on site. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for structural engineers to work quickly and efficiently on these types of projects. This book focuses on the structural engineering of such projects.

The purpose of this book is to provide up-to-date methodologies and industry technical practices and guide lines for the design, construction, and maintenance of reinforced concrete and steel structures on these industrial projects. The book illustrates the essential processes of protecting, repairing, and reinforcing industrial structures as required by deterioration and changing modes of operation. It is a guide book for junior and senior engineers involved in the design, construction, repair, and maintenance of reinforced concrete and steel structures and is intended to assist them through all phases of industrial projects.

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