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Construction Quantity Surveying A Practical Guide for the Contractors QS- free


The construction industry is the collective name for the service industries that form part of the national economy and include the planning, design, construction, alteration, renovation, maintenance, repair, and demolition of buildings.

The industry has more than 300,000 firms employing more than2 million people in many roles, including suppliers, designers, contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers of goods and services that depend on this industry. The industry is economically stable, with employment expanding and contracting in line with the amount of private and public sector spending.

In terms of gross value added (GVA), an economic measure of the total value of goods and services produced in the national accounts, the industry contributes 7-9% annually and is truly a giant in terms of its contribution to the national economy and labor force.

About the Book

This book is intended to provide readers with a practical guide and insight into cost estimating from the perspective of the prime contractor (contractor) and to provide an understanding of the skills and capabilities of the contractor’s estimator.

As a result of the various procurement channels open to clients, some contractors are prepared to provide design-build services and commit to a given budget. As a result, cost estimating has become a sought-after skill by contractors seeking input into the modern aspects of construction procurement. This includes commercial, cost, and project management, as well as measurement, estimating, contract management, and construction planning.

The first chapter focuses on the construction industry in general, while the next two chapters focus on surveying methodology and contractor operations, respectively, including a discussion of estimating and what role estimators play in the process. The remaining chapters take a” hands-on” approach, discussing the commercial and contractual management of construction projects, including their day-to-day operation from inception to completion.

Anyone interested in the management of construction projects, including students pursuing certification in construction, building economics, estimating, or any course related to the construction industry, will find this book valuable as a study guide and reference material.

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