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Corrosion of Steel in Concrete 2nd Edition- for free


Reinforced concrete is a versatile, economical and successful building material. It can be formed in to a variety of shapes and finishes. In most cases, it is durable and strong, and performs well throughout its service life. However, poor design, poor construction, improper material selection, a harsher environment than expected, or a combination of these factors may prevent adequate performance.

Corrosion of rebar in concrete is a major problem civil engineers face today in maintaining aging infrastructure. There is potentially a very large market for engineers who have developed expertise in dealing with this problem. It is also a major headache for those responsible for dealing with structures plagued by corrosion.

About the Book

This second edition adds information on corrosion of steel in concrete in atmospherically exposed concrete structures, as well as information on steel-framed masonry and brick buildings of the early 20th century. Sections on corrosion theory, corrosion monitoring, galvanic cathodic protection, and other areas have been introduced or expanded to reflect changes over the past decade since the first edition. The increase in relevant national and international standards is also reflected in the text.

This publication is a guide for those responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of buildings and other reinforced concrete structures. The book reviews current knowledge of the corrosion of steel in concrete, from theory to field investigations and problem solving. There is also a section on the construction of more corrosion resistant structures.

The purpose of this book is to educate and instruct engineers, investigators, and structure owners so that they have a clear idea of the problem and where to go to find solutions. No single book on any subject can be a complete course, and there is no substitute for personal “hands-on “experience. There are many experienced engineers and corrosion experts who deal with these issues on a daily basis.

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