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Drawing Management with AutoCAD Sheet Set by Edwin Prakoso- for free

Sheet Set

A sheet set is a collection of sheets. Each sheet is linked to a layout in an AutoCAD drawing. The Sheet Set Manager works like Windows Explorer. You can have sheet sets as main folders. To organize your drawings, you can create subsets that act like subfolders.

Sheet sets are an excellent tool for managing project documents. You can collect and manage all your drawings in a sheet set. This allows you and your team easy access during the design process. Sheet-set also allow you to share common information across all drawings in the sheet set. This allows you to automate tasks related to project documentation. For example, you only need to change the project name once. The text for all drawings in the same sheet set will automatically change. These features help you easily manage your drawing documents.

If you are not familiar with using layouts, now is a good time to start using them. There are many reasons why you should use layouts. Sheet sets add to their benefits.

Sheet sets can manage drawings, share common information such as project information, and perform several automated tasks. In this book, we will use the sample sheet sets provided to see what can be done with sheet sets.

About the Book

This guide is designed to help you create and utilize your own sheet sets. Learn how to create your own sheet templates, how to set up sheet sets, how to create sheets, and how to use the Sheet-Set Manager tools to improve your productivity.

Before using this eBook, you should be familiar with the basic functionality of AutoCAD. The required skills include:

  1. Know how to work with AutoCAD dynamic blocks.
  2. Know how to create and use block attributes.
  3. How to work with layouts and view ports.
  4. Know how to work with text fields.

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