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The purpose of the EarthCheck Building Planning and Design Standard is to promote environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable design and construction management for individual buildings and associated infrastructure. The standard establishes requirements for conducting an integrated assessment of the environmental, social, and economic performance expected of a project.

Earth Check is the world’s leading environmental benchmarking and certification program dedicated to the travel and tourism industry. The Earth Check program is built on the principles of Agenda 21. With a current port folio of over 1,500 clients in 70 countries, Earth Check collects annual operational data for all clients, resulting in the world’s largest database of operational tourism assets. Operational performance data is benchmarked to identify industry baselines and best practice operational performance on a global scale.

Earth Check’s BPDS was developed as a guide for achieving best practice operational performance for buildings. The standards help design teams achieve location-and asset-specific best practice operational performance goals through reverse engineering. Earth Check’s Planning and Design Standards are guide lines to help designers, architects, and developers plan and design sustainable buildings, tools, and indicators to help designers, architects, and developers plan and design sustainable buildings. The standards are designed to ensure that superior performance expectations are achieved that meet or exceed current global best practices.


The EarthCheck Building Planning and Design Standard (BPDS) was developed by the University of New South Wales and the University of Queensland (Australia) in collaboration with the Sustainable Tourism Cooperation Re search Centre (STCRC) of Australia. The standard supports EarthCheck’s global partner ship, bench marking, and certification program for the planning and design of sustainable buildings and related infrastructure.

The EarthCheck BPDS is regularly reviewed and updated by a global network of leading academics, industry members, and sustainable design practitioners EarthCheck to establish and improve global standards for sustainable planning, design, and construction of assets, EarthCheck reserves the right to use information provided by project proponents.

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