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Electric Motors and Drives: Fundamentals Types and Applications 3rd Edition- for free

Electric Motors

Electric motors are so much a part of our daily lives that we pay little attention to them. For example, when we turn on an electric drill, we naturally expect the drill to run faster to the proper speed. When we activate the drill, more power is drawn; when we stop the drill, the power drawn from the main power source is automatically reduced.

A modest motor, consisting only of a copper coil and a thin sheet of steel, is clearly a clever energy converter and worthy of serious consideration. A basic understanding of how the motor works will help us understand its possibilities and limitations, and (in later chapters) we will see how the addition of external electronic controls can further enhance its already remarkable performance.

About the Book

Aimed at then on-specialist user of electric motors and drives, Electric Motors and Drives bridges the gap between academic, theory-based text books and more prosaic “handbooks” that provide useful details but little opportunity for true insight and understanding.

The book covers all the widely used, modern motor and drive types, including conventional, brushless DC, induction motors, and servo drives, providing the reader with the knowledge to choose the right technology for a given job. Austin Hughes’ approach of using minimal mathematics has established Electric Motors and Drives as a leading guide for engineers and a key to complex subjects for a wide range of readers, including technicians, managers, and students.

  • Practical, essential knowledge of motors and drives with a minimum of math and theory.
  • Includes up-to-date material on the latest and most widely used motors and drives.
  • New edition includes additional diagrams and practical examples throughout.

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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I took some exercises from this book to teach my student. If have chemistry please send me.

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