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Electrical Machine

An electrical machine is an electro mechanical device that combines stationary and moving parts to generate, convert, and utilize mechanical/electrical energy. Electrical machine is used in applications such as transportation, aerospace, defense, and industrial automation industries.

Electric motor drive systems that drive pumps, fans, blower systems, air compressors, and more are common in industry. Good engineering design is at the heart of these applications. Engineering design is the application of science, technology, and invention to produce machines that perform specific tasks with optimum economy and efficiency.

About the Book

This book is designed to meet the needs of a textbook for a course in electro mechanical design. The book provides an appropriate introduction to basic design considerations and magnetic circuits, as well as comprehensive design aspects of dc and ac machines.

An introduction to the design and analysis of machines using finite element analysis is also included as one chapter to provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the subject. The design process always involves a lengthy iterative process and the designer must design every machine.

In addition to real-world examples, most chapters include a number of problems designed to test the understanding of the issues. Readers will also appreciate the pedagogical practices followed in this book.

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