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This Encyclopedia of Biology is a compilation of technical terms used by biologists. The Encyclopedia brings together technical terms, which often have binary meanings, in a clear and concise manner. As disciplines have become more specialized, they have developed terms that serve as shorthand for concepts within their discipline. In rare cases, different disciplines may develop the same term with radically different definitions. Encyclopedias, by indicating the discipline, direct the reader to the definition relevant to the topic. An example of this is the term genotype.

Historically, this was a taxonomist’s term meaning” type of genus. “Genotypes are important to taxonomy and evolution. Later, geneticists began to use the term genotype to refer to the genetic makeup of an organism. One must not only understand the meaning of a term, but also be able to apply it to the context of the time in which it was written.

There will be new terms, new (and defunct) scientific sites, new readers, new disciplines, and breathtaking new discoveries in science, but they will not detract from the usefulness of this encyclopedia. Book enthusiasts need only stop to consider which books they will refer to most often.

About the Book

Reference books are better than all other books. Facts on File’s Encyclopedia of Biology may not read like a novel, but it will help you read like a biologist.

The encyclopedia provides comprehensive coverage of major discoveries in biology, along with general definitions, essays, and biographies of prominent biologists, as well as summaries of notable historical events of social importance and hot topics in biology.

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