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Engineering Surveying 6th Edition- for free


Surveying can be defined as the science of determining the three-dimension allocation of natural and man-made features on or below the Earth’s surface. These features may be expressed in analog formats such as contour maps, planimetric maps, and nautical charts, or in digital formats such as digital ground models (DGMs).

In engineering surveying, either or both of the above formats may be used for planning, design, and construction of works, both above and below ground. In later stages, surveying techniques a real soused to dimension and install engineered construction elements, as well as to monitor deformation movements.

In the first phase, surveying requires management and decision-making to determine the appropriate methods and measuring equipment needed to complete the work satisfactorily, with the specified accuracy, and within the time available. This initial process can only be properly carried out after a very careful and detailed reconnaissance of the area to be surveyed.

Once the above logistics are completed, field operations (including field data collection and storage) are carried out using the appropriate equipment and technology for the task at hand.

About the Book

Engineering surveying is the determination of the location of natural and man-made features on the surface and underground and the use of these features in the planning, design, and construction of works. It is an integral part of an engineering project. Without an accurate understanding of the size, shape, and nature of the site, projects risk expensive and time-consuming errors and even catastrophic failure.

This sixth edition of Engineering Surveys covers basic principles and practices such as vertical control, distance, angle, and position, as well as the latest technology.

Contents include:

  • An introduction to geodesy for a better understanding of satellite systems.
  • Fully updated chapters on GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO for satellite positioning in surveying.
  • New chapters on the important topic of rigorous estimation of control coordinates.
  • Detailed material on the role of mass data methods and inertial techniques in photogrammetry and laser scanning.

I deal for students and professionals in surveying, civil, structural, and mining engineering, and related fields such as geography and mapping.

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