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Environmental Pollution and Control, Fourth Edition- for free


The battle for environmental protection is still on, but some rules have changed. The concept of risk management can now be manipulated to take into account the risks to the human body. The problem has intensified as the population has grown and there are fewer alternatives to waste disposal.

Environmental laws have changed and will undoubtedly continue to evolve. The economic costs of environmental protection and restoration continue to increase. Attitudes toward the environment have often come to be known as environmental ethics. Finally, the environmental movement has become apolitical force, and environmentalism is sometimes used for political ends.

About the Book

In revising this book, we have incorporated the evolving nature of environmental science and engineering by adding chapters where necessary and deleting material that is less important to today’s students. Never the less, the essential features of the book have been maintained: organizing and packaging the more important aspects of environmental engineering science and technology, and presenting this largely technical material to a non-engineering audience.

This book is intended as a textbook for courses that do not require prerequisites, although knowledge of high school chemistry is important. Knowledge of college-level algebra is also useful, but calculus is not essential for understanding technical and scientific concepts. This book is not intended to be scientifically or technically complete.

In fact, many complex environmental problems have been simplified to a threshold of pain for many engineers and scientists. However, the purpose of this book is not to impress upon non-technical students the rigors and complexities of pollution control technology, but rather to make the language and ideas of environmental engineering and science more accessible to them.

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