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Estimating in Building Construction 8th Edition- for free

Building Construction

Building construction is the determination of the construction cost of a given project. Many items affect and contribute to the cost of a project. Each item must be analyzed, quantified, and priced. Since the estimate is prepared before the actual construction, the construction documents require much research and fore thought. An estimator who can visualize a project and accurately determine its cost is one of the most important people in a construction firm.

For projects constructed under the design-bid-build (DBB) method, contractors must submit competitive estimates. Competition for construction bids is fierce, with multiple firms vying for a single project. To stay in business, contractors must be the lowest qualified bidder on a certain number of projects while maintaining an acceptable profit margin.

This profit margin must provide the general contractor with an acceptable rate of return and compensation for the risks associated with the project. Since estimates are prepared from building shop drawings and project manuals, the estimator’s ability to visualize all of the various phases of a construction project is a critical component of a successful bid.

Understanding the Importance of Estimating in Building Construction

Estimating in building construction is a vital aspect that requires meticulous attention to detail and precision. It involves predicting the costs, materials, and labor required for a construction project. The 8th edition of the Estimating in Building Construction book provides comprehensive insights into mastering this crucial process.

Mastering estimating in building construction is a skill that requires continuous learning and adaptation to industry trends. The 8th edition of Estimating in Building Construction serves as a valuable resource for construction professionals looking to enhance their estimation capabilities and improve project outcomes.

Estimating in building construction is a complex yet essential process that can make or break a construction project. By mastering the art of estimation, construction professionals can ensure the success of their projects and achieve optimal results.

About the Book

The Eighth Edition continues to build on the solid foundation of the previous edition. The need for estimators to understand the theory behind quantification is critical and must be fully understood before computerized estimating can be performed. This basic premise is one of the guiding principles that began with Mr. D’Agostino and has been passed down to the present author.

In this book, the methodology and structure of estimating are explained with extensive examples and exercises. Estimating is an art that relies heavily on the judgment of the estimator. Therefore, readers are encouraged to complete the examples and apply the skills learned in this book. Since estimates are used throughout the project, assumptions and methodologies should be documented and organized.

Estimating problems using the Building Information Model for Wooden Office Buildings (included on the accompanying website) are included in many of the chapter problem sets.

The intent of this revision is to expand the totalization material covered in this document and to bring other material in line with current industry practice.

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