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Everything Maths Grade 11 Mathematics- for free


Mathematics is generally thought of as being about numbers, but in fact Mathematics is a language! Mathematics is the language that nature speaks to us.If we learn to understand and speak this language, we can discover many of nature’s secrets. Just as understanding a person’s language is necessary to learn more about that person, mathematics is necessary to learn about all aspects of the world, be it the physical sciences, the life sciences, or finance and economics.

The world’s great writers and poets have the ability to pull words out and put them together to tell beautiful and inspiring stories. In the same way, one can use mathematics to explain and create new things. Much of the modern technology that has enriched our lives relies heavily on mathematics: DVDs, Google searches, bank cards with PIN numbers are just a few examples. And just as words were not created specifically to tell a story, but by their very existence a story was told, so the mathematics used to create these technologies was not developed for its own sake, but was prepared to be used when the time came for its application.

About the Book

Everything Maths is more than just a math textbook. It has everything you would expect from a printed school textbook, but it is so much more. First, it can be downloaded to your phone, computer, iPad, or read online.

We know that some things are difficult to explain in words. That’s why each chapter is accompanied by video lessons and explanations to help bring ideas and concepts to life. Summary presentations at the end of each chapter provide an overview of what is covered and highlight key points for easy review. All exercises in this book are linked to services that allow you to do more practice, view complete answers, and test your skill level on your mobile or PC.

We are interested in what you think, what you question, and what you struggle with as you read this book and attempt the exercises. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to use your cell phone or PC to digitally pin your questions to the page and see what questions and answers other readers have pinned.

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